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Residential Courses



Experience authentic Andalucia. Here in the spectacular hilltop village of Gaucin, home to more than a dozen artists studios, we offer educational holidays that explore the art, architecture, history, music, food and wine of Spain in general, and of Andalucia in particular. We also offer residential  courses in cities such as Madrid, Toledo and Barcelona, with their impressive range of galleries and monuments steeped in history.


The courses are led by Dr. Jacqueline Cockburn, an inspirational teacher and a specialist in the art, literature and language of Spain, with a long-standing passion for Andalucia. 



"I can't recommend Jacqueline Cockburn's

Andalucian cultural experience too highly."


Andrew Graham-Dixon, Art critic, journalist,

TV presenter


These residential courses will suit anyone looking for a combination of Mediterranean climate, stunning scenery, exquisite food and wine, fascinating company, mental stimulation, luxury accommodation and expert guidance. No previous knowledge of art history is necessary to enjoy this exciting exploration of authentic Andalucia.




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